The place


Oracle: St. John Evangelist
Population: 277 inhabitants
Economical activities: agriculture and livestock
Festivities and pilgrimage: Santa Ana (last Sunday of July)
Cultural and architectural patrimony: parishioner church of Grovelas; chapel of Santa Ana and Calvary
handcraft: weaving and linen embroidery

Grovelas is a hamlet of the Ponte da Barca county, which reminds the tribe of the Grovii, descending Celts, that lived in the Lima Valley before the Roman conquered the Iberian Peninsula.
Grovelas is located on the hills of the Oural mountain, from where you can enjoy magnificent views.
The first references known about Grovelas are from the Afonso Inquisitions, between 1220 and 1258, mentioned as: “Incollatione Sancti Johannis de Grovelas”.
During the Inquisitions of the king D. Dinis, Grovelas is already mentioned as the parish of S. João de Grovelas.
The Church Catalogue, organized in 1320, mentions Grovelas as a parish of Terra do Vade or Nóbrega, paying 20 pounds of taxes.
In 1528, the Book of Benefits and Commendations refers that the parish of Grovelas is annexed to the monastery of S. Martinho do Crasto.

Grovelas was part of the Aboim da Nóbrega county, until this one was extinguished and so Grovelas became a hamlet of Ponte da Barca.